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Blackjack casino bonuses, reviews, tips. Also you can play blackjack online.

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Everybody's offering online Blackjack, but don't waste your time on most of them. You should select the best variation wisely.


Best Blackjack Sites

The Bodog Blackjack Site

Bodog is sports, Blackjack, poker and more. You can download this program for free without having to give out your email address, and it uses real-time gaming software. Most anyone into online gaming knows Bodog. The site gets better every day. It seems like they're over their past problems.

Forbes recently published a billionaire issue featuring Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog. He started life in a family of farmers in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. With a measly $10,000 and fresh out of college, Ayre started Bodog. Now king of not just online Blackjack sites but other types of gambling as well, Bodog has grown into a global enterprise, and I assure you that Ayre has much more than $10,000 to his name. You may frequently notice an amazing blackjack bonuses at online casinos.

Micro-gaming Blackjack Ballroom

With it's the power of micro-gaming software behind it, this online Blackjack site has the distinction of variety. Anybody can drop into a free game, but residents of certain locations are prohibited from playing with money, presumably because the site doesn't support their currencies.

The well-known Casino Rewards Group has operated the Blackjack Ballroom Casino since 2000. Since online Blackjack sites are such a new thing, a decade is considered a respectable length of operation. Sky Casino. If they're still around now, they must have done something right.

I do have some complaints with the website you have to go through to get to the Blackjack Ballroom. It does its job, in that it's supposed to tell players what's up with Blackjack- it gives game previews, talks about banking, puts players on the up-and-up about support, and all that. But all that is just mundane stuff. There's really no luring, which I think is an important aspect of any casino that wants to survive. The website should do a better job of answering why people should play their game. Of course, I guess, if they aren't complaining about their customer base, who am I to criticize?

Although there are other online Blackjack sites out there, these two are probably the best ones. So jump on the 'net and see what's going on with the game. Most offer a free option, so even novices need not be apprehensive. First of all, make sure you are aware of blackjack rules.